Did you notice that something disappeared!?

Landscape Photography by Joe Hammond

Click Link above to find where the landscape photography’s home base is!

Are you wondering where the Landscape Photography Went?

As I set the website up I learn new things along the way. Since this website is titled to be “N Scale Modeling”, I believe that having the landscape photography on the website too is confusing the search engines. They are asking “Is this site about trains or landscape photos?” So to try for better results, I needed to eliminate the beautiful landscape photos completely from this website.┬áThis way the website is only about model railroading.

The landscape photography does have a home at;


Inspire4desires.com is still a little rough around the edges and some misspelling here and there but still worth checking out. There is also quotes and words of thought that you may enjoy. It will not be updated as much as this website but I do have new stuff I want to add to it when I can.

Just wanted to let you know what is going on so that’s all for right now. As always, have a good day, keep it relaxed and happy nscalemodeling!



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