Can you help me name my model railroad?

I am having a hard time deciding on a name for my freelance model railroad. What’s a railroad without a good name? Definitely know the setting would be in the Colorado Rockies. The narrow gauge tracks heading west out of Denver up the rugged Rocky Mountains to the mines of Blackhawk, Central City or the Rio Grande Southern Railroad heading through Ophir, Trout Lake and Lizard Head have been at the top of my list for areas to model.

This model railroad layout is four feet by eight feet in size. Being a compact layout makes it hard to model towns like the ones mentioned above. My freelance model railroad will have a small town in a mountain valley. There will be a roundhouse, turntable and facilities for steam locomotives to be serviced before heading up the mountain pass. Across the tracks there is a team track and a small town. There will be a mine or two up in the “mountains.” I like the era of 1920 or 1930s, but there isn’t much available in N scale modeling at this time. Now if you are talking Hon3 scale or larger then there is a lot available but not in N scale. So I’m forced to model the 1940 or 1950s

I had a friend who has passed away now, that inspired me to try my hand at doing some scenery work. The local model railroad club, EVMRR had a one square foot contest coming up and Bob supplied me with most of the materials I was going to need to get me started. Bob Trump helped and inspired a lot of people over the years and I want to dedicate this layout to him. So I have tried to come up with ideas using his initials or a combination of his and mine. His initials; BT and mine; JH. The only one I kind of liked was BT&H RR. Bone Tired and Hurting Railroad. So for now the railroad remains nameless until the final decision is made.

If you have any good names for this model railroad please email me at Click on the Contact/About link at the top of the page and leave me a message. Thank you for any of your ideas. This could get interesting.

I included a link to the Estes Valley Model Railroaders if you would like to check it out. Estes Valley Model Railroaders

Anyway until later, keep it relaxed and happy N scale modeling!


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