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Hi, my name is Joe Hammond and I would like to share my passion and ideas. I am currently  working on a small N scale model railroad layout which is entering the scenic stage. I’ll show how I modified the original track plans to improved the performance of the locomotives and explain some tips for scenery. The model railroad layout is freelanced  and the setting is in the Rocky Mountains, of course, during the 1940’s. This can all be found under “From the Very Beginning” story.

I feel fortunate to be able to live in the Colorado mountains. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and have grown to cherish the little things in life. Mother Nature has so many wonders. Many are small miracles that happen before our eyes! The moment is gone too soon. It is important for us to take the time to be quiet and reconnect with nature. To be grounded again. The ways of Mother Nature are healing and provide comfort. I long to be in the mountains and am thankful for where I live.

Photography is another passion of mine. Capturing the special light of the early morning and  in the evenings or the reflections off the water. Seizing the moment of light that may only last a minute or less. I love how the camera allows me to treasure the moments of time. It is fun to share these wonders!

My wife and I live near Estes Park, Colorado in a canyon which provides so much inspiration for photography, drawing and for landscaping ideas for my modelrailroad layout. You may enjoy the photos of the layout even if you are not into model railroading.

Please enjoy the “Landscape Photography” for pictures shot in the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. and surrounding areas. All photos are available for sell. I do not have the shopping cart set up yet so please feel free to contact me via email for any questions you may have. NOTE: as of Sept 2017, I moved my photography to a different website called www.inspire4desires.com. Here is a link to that website.  Joe Hammond Landscape Photography

Thank You for visiting! This website is still new and many new items are coming to all the categories. So please come back again and again.

Have a great day and always try to see the positive side of things.


Joe Hammond                                                                           Dated: 8/20/2017

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